Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 27-Feb-2024)

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Details on Acronym:   LTT
   LTT (Luyten, Two Tenths) Write:<<LTT NNNNN>> N: 18635 Object:*  (SIMBAD class: HighPM* = High Proper Motion Star) Note:(Nos 1-18635)
The stars of the 3 LTT catalogues and their supplement are all included in the new LTT NLTT catalogue, see L and LP, but without cross-identification with the LTT designation. In ref. 1988ApJS...66..391O: Identifications of 103 bright Luyten common motion stellar systems. Ref:=1957LTT...C......0L byLUYTEN W.J. Luyten's Two Tenths., 0-None (1957) Luyten's Two Tenths. A catalogue of 9867 stars in the Southern Hemisphere with proper motions exceeding 0".2 annually. o<LTT NNNNN> N=9867. Ref:=1961POMin...3h...1L byLUYTEN W.J. , ANDERSON J.H. Publ. Astron. Obs. Univ. Minnesota, 3, part no 8, 1-None (1961) Faint stars with large proper motions. o<LTT NNNNN> Ref:=1961LTT...C......0L byLUYTEN W.J. Luyten's Two Tenths., 0-None (1961) A catalogue of 7127 stars in the Northern Hemisphere. o<LTT NNNNN> N=7127. Ref:=1962LTTS1.C......0L byLUYTEN W.J. The Observatory, Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis,1962, 0-None (1962) First supplement to the LTT catalogues. o<LTT NNNNN>