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The Sesame Service queries several databases from the name of an astronomical object (outside the Solar System bodies), and displays some fundamental parameters (type of object, J2000 position). The databases queried are Simbad, NED, and VizieR. (For more explanations, see the Documentation).

Solar system : a solar system resolver is provided by IMCCE: https://ssp.imcce.fr/webservices/ssodnet/

   Simbad first
   Ned first

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  XML output

 Enter the name of the astronomical object

    Alternatively enter the name of the file containing object names,
  one per line (lines starting by # are comments) 

Note: Other default settings are possible: all with NED first, all with Simbad first, NED first, Simbad first
LaTeX manuscripts containing \object or \objectname macros can be tested from here.

Sesame also exists as an HTTP-get service, see https://cds.unistra.fr/doc/sesame.htx

The validity of astronomical object names may be checked directly on a LaTeX manuscript provided the objects are marked by the \object or \objectname macro (available in the LaTeX style files for publication in A&A, ApJ, AJ and PASP journals)
TargetOTypeJ2000 PositionRefsResolver
m31 AGN
00:42:44.32 +41:16:07.5  
M 31 [Simbad]
00:42:44.35 +41:16:08.6  ±   0.080"

VizieR (local): No table found for: m31[VizieR]