Aladin v7.5 announcement

Création: July 03, 2012 - 10:10 CEST

The Aladin team is pleased to announce a new official Aladin release (version 7.5)

In addition to a lot of improvements (see detail list), this new version allows you to create your own HEALPix all-sky survey from a set of local images, for your own usage, for your collaborators, or for the whole community (more)

aladin V7.5 integrates the following new features :

    *HEALPix all-sky new features:


        *Better performances (less RAM - 64MB), faster display

        *"Build your own sky" facility

        *Stack control more adaptated to allsky mode

        *Crop full resolution improved (bilinear, faster)

        *Progressive catalogue density control

        *Multi-Order Coverage Map (MOC) support

        *HTTP URL direct access


    *JSAMP Web profile support

    *DS9 region definition support (as simple Aladin script commands)

    *PDS image support

    *Colored FITS cubes support

    *HTTPS connection support

    *ALMA footprint utility (Server selector => FOV)

    *TSV,CSV improvements (notably CSV Excel and IPAC-TBL support)

    *Pixel extraction tool as table

    *Bitpix image re-encoding tool

    *Overlay color map tool (more...)

    *Free rotation in allsky mode

    *New coordinate frames: B1900, B1875, XY image

    *New projections (Mollweide, SIP-TAN)

    *Properties of graphical overlays (Prop button)

    *Footprint STS-S definition support

    *Print improvements (automatic scale, multiviews...)

    *"macro" script command to launch a macro from a script

    *VOTable 1.2 STC coordinate reference support ("Referencing STC in VOTable" - IVOA Note 2010-06-18)