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Standards FITS, Flexible Image Transport System
ASU, Astronomical Server URL, a standard to generate queries for retrieving tabular data and catalogues in astronomy
Astrores, Describing Astronomical Catalogues and Query Results with XML
Preliminary version of VOtable, an extension of Astrores allowing one to take binary data into account
ReadMe, Standard for Documentation of Astronomical Catalogues
UCD, Unified Column Descriptor, a classification scheme in which all the astronomical parameters accessible in VizieR are stored
IDHA, data model for astronomical images (IDHA= Images Distribuées hétérogènes pour l'astronomie), preliminary version
Bibcode The convention for Bibliographic Reference Coding (used by Simbad, NED, ADS, and the Journals)
Tools cdsclient, The CDS client/server package
nedclient, NED client/server package
GLU, Générateur de Liens Uniformes (Uniform Link Generator)
AstroBrowse, AstroGLU, Starcast, Query tools in distributed services
Developer's corner
AVO (Astrophysical Virtual Observatory)
NVO (National Virtual Observatory)
AstroGrid (UK)
The Australian Virtual Observatory
OPTICON, the European Optical Infrared Coordination Network
AstroVirtel, Accessing Astronomical Archives as Virtual Telescopes
ClassX, Classifying the High-Energy Universe

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