Abstract submission

Send the abstract of your Poster or Talk to the Scientific Organizing Committee for acceptation.

Closing date for submission of the proposal : November 30th, 2016

The abstract submission is closed!
For tardive submissions, please contact the SOC

Posters submissions

With a view to provide an opportunity for people to view the LISA VIII posters prior to the conference, you are requested to submit a digital copy of the poster on Zenodo (https://zenodo.org/), an online repository developed and hosted by CERN. A community "Library and Information Services in Astronomy VIII posters' has been created. Please arrange to upload your poster by June 06th, 2017.

The procedure for uploading the final version of your poster is as follow :

  1. Access the upload url : https://zenodo.org/deposit/?c=lisa8-posters
  2. Log to Zenodo using your ORCID or by login/password
  3. The Community 'Library and Information Services in Astronomy VIII posters' is displayed
  4. Click on 'Upload' to upload your poster
  5. Click 'Submit' once you have completed filling in the requested information
  6. Zenodo will attribute a DOI to your poster
Please, contact the LOC in case of difficulties.