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Posters including abstract are available at Zenodo

(Authors instructions)

Anais Oberto Categorisations of object types in SIMBAD
Antonella Gasperini DOI@INAF: identifying and valorising the hidden internal digital resources
Antonella Gasperini Negotiating with the scientific publishers: a new experience for the Italian Astronomical Libraries
Arnold Rots A Model for Using Datacite DOIs in Observatory Bibliographies
August Muench Enabling software citation and discovery workflows
Bertil F. Dorch On the cost of astronomy
Damon James Managing Institutional Bibliographies with the ADS API: A new workflow using Google Sheets
Donna Thompson Cooperative Community Opportunities and the ADS
Glenda Coetzer Progress with the new research data management system at HartRAO
Guillaume Mella What would be gained by implementing a DMP on the OIDB service already in production since 2015? Never too late for the DMP?
Hemant Kumar Sahu Measuring Research Impact of Astronomers/Astrophysicists by using Astrophysics Data System Beta: a Powerful New Interface: a case study with Special Reference to Prof. Jayant V. Narlikar
Hunt, Sharon The NOAO Publications Tracking Program: Developing Policies & Procedures for Usage, Acknowledgment, and Citation of Data
Luisa Schiavone The Linked Open Data Project of CoBiS (Coordination Committee of Turin Metropolitan Area Special and Specialized Libraries)
Maria Elena Jimenez-Fragozo Boletín de los Observatorios de Tonantzintla y Tacubaya 1952-1972: A biblometric study
Mark Allen CDS - Evolving processes for adding value to published and reference data
Peggi Kamisato Tracking the Elusive PhD Thesis
Samantha Teplitzky Introducing and Supporting Collaborative Writing Tools in the UC Berkeley Physics-Astronomy Library
Sian Prosser New audiences for old books: using astronomy archives in school outreach activities
Thomas Delacour Bibliographical references : from publishers to SIMBAD
Vijay Kumar Rai eBooks in IUCAA: New initiatives to Develop eBook Collection