If you are a frequent user of CDS services, this page provides hints on customizing CDS services for a better suiting your needs.

CDS login

You can register yourself and create a personal CDS account. Your CDS login will give you capabilities throughout various CDS services :
  • A personal persistent storage space in the CDS Portal. You will be able to upload data files and keep your results in your CDS repository.
  • Post annotations on SIMBAD objects or VizieR catalogues.
  • Use the CDS cross-match service, and store your results.
  • Follow the bibliography of your favorite SIMBAD objects with SimWatch.
In order to create an account, go to the CDS Portal and click on Register.

Dedicated search engines

If your browser supports OpenSearch, you can add dedicated search engines for the CDS portal, SIMBAD and VizieR in your browser search toolbar. Just click the search toolbar to install or manage them.

Simbad Output

The SIMBAD output preferences can be configured from the output options page.

Be careful that these preferences apply until you reset them. In particular if you change the output from HTML to another format, you will no longer see the HTML results.

Expert usage

You can query VizieR in batch mode using the cdsclient routines available in the Developer's corner.

You can access the Aladin source code, or develop your own plugins for Aladin.