Aladin Image server

Created: August 01, 2008 - 09:52 CEST

A new version of the Aladin Image server has been released on July the 24th 2008.

A new version of the Aladin server is available through the various versions of all the Aladin interfaces, since Thursday July the 24th.

It is based on a new internal organisation, but for the end user it  is mainly **faster**, and  provides **enhanced quality metadata** in a more uniform way. The two modes of metadata display in the metadata tree each have their benefits.

In addition to Schmidt surveys (DSS1, DSS2 and Mama digitizations) 2MASS, IRAS-IRAS and WENSS surveys, the server now also provides access to **DENIS images.** 

Aladin Previewer interface has been modified to take into accounts possibilities of the new server.