Change of computer

Computer replacement

Created: February 13, 2009 - 15:44 CET

The vizier computer, reached by had to be replaced. We are not sure everything is working correctly, don't hesitate to report to in case something looks wrong or weird.

On Monday morning 09 Feb. 2009, our main vizier computer crashed, and we had to move all our stuff to a new computer in a hurry. The new vizier computer is now the same physical engine which was named webviz i n the preceding weeks. In practice it also means that vizier and webviz are identifying the same computer (IP=; as a side effect, the Redirect directive which was present on the vizier computer disappeared.

Since the change was made in a hurry, some services may be down; in case we missed something (so many things have been accumulating on this computer) don't hesitate to report to