Aladin Lite released

Created: May 31, 2013 - 14:06 CEST

Aladin lite: a simple visualizer for the browser

CDS is releasing the first version of Aladin lite, a light version of Aladin running in the browser and geared towards simple visualization of a sky region. The first version allows one to visualize image surveys (JPEG multi-resolution HEALPix all-sky surveys) and superimpose tabular (VOTable) and footprints (STC-S) data.

Aladin lite is powered by the HTML5 canvas technology, supported on many platforms including desktop browsers, tablets, and smartphones. It is intended to replace the Aladin Java applet technology. The full-featured Aladin Java version will still be developed and will be oriented for standalone usage only.

Aladin lite is easily embeddable on any web page (a few dozen KB) and can also be controlled through a Javascript API.

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