Aladin v8 announcement

A new major Aladin is available : aladin v8

Created: March 25, 2014 - 15:14 CET

The CDS are pleased to announce a new major Aladin version : Aladin v8

Aladin version 8 improvements mainly concern the global all sky features: Hierarchical Progressive Survey tools (HiPS) and Multi-Order Coverage map tools (MOC) . Used in conjunction with Aladin Lite (Javascript Web embedded HiPS viewer), Aladin provides a very efficient framework for managing, displaying, comparing and analyzing data from large astronomical data surveys (for instance, see GLIMPSE 360 news).

Aladin v8 new features in details :

Progressive Survey (HiPS) improvements (more...):

    Faster display,

    Faster generation (x5),

    Access to the original images and associated metadata,

    Orignal JPEG or PNG image support,

    PNG tiles,

    Progressive zoom,

    Mirrored servers auto-switching,

    Batch mode support (-hipsgen option)

Coverage map (MOC) improvements (more...):

    Catalog & pixel survey MOC access,

    MOC generator from local images or catalogs,

    Logical operations,

    Filtering by MOC,

    Faster display (via adaptative resolution),

    IVOA MOC 1.0 standard support

    Batch mode support (-mocgen option)

Proper motion: dynamic display (epoch slider) (more...)

VizieR photometry tool: phot.graph on current position (more...)

IVOA VOTable 1.3 standard support (BINARY2 + LINK + Note STC in VOTable 1.2 & 2.0)


    New menus: "Open recent file or URL", "Copy/Paste"...

    New basic tools: coordinate & pixel toolboxes, distance measurer,

    STC-S region support (as a script command) (more...),

    Source tagging facility (more...)

    Solid shapes,

    Transparency pixels


JPEG large image: required RAM divided by 2