Weaving the Astronomy Web
Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory
6-7 April 1995


The Proceedings of the Conference "Weaving the Astronomy Web", held in Strasbourg, 6-7 April 1995, are printed as a special issue of Vistas in Astronomy, Vol. 39, Part 1 (1995), pp. i-x + 1-126. Here is the on-line version, on the CDS server.

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Part I: Oral contributions

D. Egret :
Welcome Address

A. Heck :
About this WAW Conference ... and More Generally on the WWW Practice

H. Dalterio et al. :
The Electronic Astrophysical Journal Letters Project

S.J. Hogeveen :
The Astronomical Information Infrastructure from the End-User perspective

K.M. Strom :
Electronic Publication and Data Distribution for the Five College Astronomy Department

B. Dorland et al. :
Utilizing Dynamic Form Generation and Image map Techniques to Construct an Interface to an Astronomical and Geophysical INGRES Database

A. Csillaghy :
Efficient information access in an on-line image archive

J. Holmquist :
Library Services and the Web

L. Abrami & A. Balestra :
Offering an astronomical library on the Internet: the OATs experience

A. Accomazzi et al. :
The Astrophysics Data System Abstract and Article Services

R. Bogart & K. Tian :
A Solar Information Center on the Web

K. Tian, P. H. Scherrer, & R. Bogart :
The SOHO Solar Oscillations Investigation on the Web

B. Pirenne, B. F. Rasmussen, & M. Albrecht :
Browsing through the HST and ESO archives using the Web

A. Balestra, P. Marcucci, F. Pasian et al. :
Using NIR tools for the interfaces to the help and archive systems at the TNG telescope

D. Petravick et al. :
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey's Use of the Web.

Part II: Poster session

S.G. Ansari, D. Egret & F. Ochsenbein :
WWW interface to the ESIS services at ESRIN and CDS

F. Arenou et al. :
The server of the Observatoire de Paris--Meudon--Nançay

K. Borne & T. Kimball :
WWW Access to the HST Data Archive

P. Descamps et al. :
The Ephemerides and Astronomical Data Server of Bureau des Longitudes

D. Egret & F. Ochsenbein :
The astronomical information server at CDS

F. Gazelle, A. Robin & B. Goidet-Devel :
The WWW server of Observatoire de Besançon

A. Heck, D. Egret & F. Ochsenbein :
The Star*s Family of Astronomy Resources on the Web

C. Mathieu, A. Llebaria & P. Lamy :
La Base de Données LASCO au LAS

J.-C. Mermilliod :
Access to the Lausanne General Catalogue of Photometric Data (GCPD)

J.D. Ponz et al.:
ESA/IUE under the Web

T. Roudier :
BAse Solaire "Sol" 2000

N. Ruggiero & T. A. McGlynn :
Multimedia Astronomy using CD-ROMs on the WWW

H.P. Stilmack, et al. :
Observing Applications via WWW

D, Van Buren, R. Ebert & D. Egret :
ISSA-PS: A Postage Stamp Server on the World-Wide Web

List of participants

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