The CDS yellow-page services

The CDS yellow-page services include the StarPages and the AstroWeb database.

The StarPages include the following databases:
To retrieve information from the three Star*s Family databases, select your options and enter a search string.

Note: searches for exact Words are case-insensitive.
The AstroWeb database is maintained by the AstroWeb Consortium .
AstroWeb is available, under different presentations, at: CDS, MSSSO, NRAO, ST-ECF (service under revision), STScI, VILSPA, WWW-VL (CERN and La Plata).
Mirror copies of the AstroWeb pages at the other places, updated daily, are also available here (CDS, Strasbourg) for network convenience:
NRAO (sorted by category),
MSSSO (sorted by category), and
STScI (sorted by protocol)
A Searchable version of this information (a WAIS index based on the description listed in AstroWeb, and on all the words actually found in each URL) is available here:
The WAIS index at CDS is updated on a weekly basis (every Friday morning).

CDS, Strasbourg

The Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS) is a data center dedicated to the collection and worldwide distribution of astronomical data and related information. The CDS hosts the SIMBAD astronomical database, the world reference database for the identification of astronomical objects.

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