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Mappings III Shock Model Library

This is a library of radiative shock models calculated with the Mappings-III shock and photoionization code.

shock velocities: 100-1000 km/s
magnetic parameters: 0.0001 - 10
densities: 0.01, 0.1, 1.0, 10,100, 1000
abundances: Solar, 2xSolar, SMC, LMC, +

The library consists of:
The original Mappings III output files 
Tables of emission line ratios for each velocity sequence
Tables of column densities for shock and precursor components
  IDL plotting widgets for making 2-d line ratio diagrams

The MAPPINGS III Library of Fast Radiative Shock Models
Allen, M. G., Groves, B. A., Dopita, M. A., Sutherland, R. S. and Kewley, L. J., 2008, ApJS

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