Gilles Landais

Software engineer at the Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory (CDS team).
Responsible of the VizieR catalogue service technical infrastructure.

A short (and not exhaustive) list of my topics
  • Database : PostgreSQL administration and developpement (see H3C)
  • Data preservation and dissemination:
    see my talk "Methodes developpees par le CDS" given at the rBDD (november, 2014).
  • IVOA standards : in particular the standards used in VizieR:
    VOTable, Cone-search, TAP/ADQL/UWS, SIA, SSA, ObsCore & ObsTAP
  • DataModel (IVOA): ObsCore, MangoDM, ProvenanceDM
  • Programming language : mainly C, Java, JavaScript, Python
Contact for any questions concerning the VizieR pipelines :
Authors publicationsContact the CDS team
Logs ObservationsGilles Landais or Pierre Ocvik (astronomer in charge of the VizieR contents)
Large surveysThomas Boch or F-X Pineau
My main services that I work on
(+33)3 68 85 24 48
Observatoire de Strasbourg
11, rue de l'Universite
67000 STRASBOURG - France