Important dates

Purpose & Goals

The EURO-VO project, in the framework of the EURO-VO Astronomical Infrastructure for Data Access (AIDA), is organising an international School at the Observatoire de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France.

The Virtual Observatory (VO) is opening up new ways of exploiting the huge amount of data provided by the ever-growing number of ground-based and space facilities, as well as by computer simulations. The goals of the School are to expose European astronomers to the variety of VO tools and services available today so that they can use them efficiently for their own research.

Workshop format

To achieve these goals, VO experts will lecture and tutor the participants on the usage of such tools. Real life examples of scientific applications will be given, some of them selected from the science cases that participants will be asked to submit at the time of registration. A large fraction of the time will be dedicated to hands-on exercises, which will allow participants to become fully familiar with the VO capabilities.

Tools providing the following functionalities will be presented:

In order to ensure the right level of interaction, participation will be restricted to a limited number of participants. Preference will be given to PhD students and post-docs.

Financial Support

Some travel support is available for this workshop. Please contact your national EuroVO-AIDA board member representative directly at the time of registration. If your institution is based on a EU country not represented on the EuroVO-AIDA board, then contact Paolo Padovani about travel support.

EuroVO-AIDA board members