Weather forecast

You can check french weather forecast or monitor real-time rainfall observed by radar.

Airport to center

The shuttle bus service, which used to operate from Strasbourg-Entzheim airport to the Baggersee tram stop, has been replaced by a shuttle train going directly to Strasbourg main station, in the city center. The platform station is accessible within walking distance from the airport terminal.
Time tables for the aiport shuttle train are available here.
A single shuttle train trip costs 2,20 €. A combined shuttle+tram ticket is also available for 3,60 €.
From Strasbourg main train station, the observatory can be easily reached by tramway (see below, public transportation).

Public transportation

The Observatory is accessible by tram (Tram Stop Observatoire). A high resolution map of the tram and bus lines is available here.
You can also use the itinerary search engine on the Strasbourg public transportation web site.


All the sessions will be hosted at the Strasbourg observatory.

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