What's new on the CDS server

24 November 1999
New Vizier machine, with better performances.
8 March 1999
New version of the Simbad User's Guide.
March 1999
Aladin Java: The Aladin interface on the Web.
21 December 1998
The DENIS website at CDS provides access to the first release of DENIS point source data (20 million sources in 121 strips).
14 December 1998
The Aladin sky atlas is now officially released, with its two flavours: Aladin Previewer (Web access to images extracted from digital sky surveys), and AladinX (full X Window interface to be installed on the user's side).
7 October 1998
A complete revision of the "look and feel" of the CDS home page. The contents remains basically the same.
24 April 1998
Added a ©ULP/CNRS to main CDS pages.
6 April 1998
Aladin : a new revised home page.
6 March 1998
AstroGLU : a resource discovery tool.
15 February 1998
Mirror copies of Electronic versions of Astronomical Journal (AJ) and PASP at CDS.
21 November 1997
Document map for Astronomy & Astrophysics (1994-1997)
30 September 1997
Mirror copy of the full CFHT web site.
5 August 1997
Listings of AstroWeb resources now include an explicit mention of the URL, a la "AltaVista".
16 July 1997
Links made to the ADAC's SIMBAD service page , in Japanese.
11 July 1997
ApJ European mirror site
29 May 1997
Major reorganization of the cdsweb and vizier servers.
28 May 1997
HIPPARCOS Catalogues
28 January 1997
The current version of the SIMBAD User's Guide is now on the simbad server (rather than cdsweb): SIMBAD User's Guide.
19 December 1996
The PASP server is almost completely transfered (transparent for the user) to the simbad machine where the biblio service resides.
9 December 1996
Mirror copy of ADS at CDS.
2 December 1996
New page for Yellow-page services.
18 November 1996
Simbad on the Web
11 June 1996
The CDS bibliographic service now offers new features: More features are under way: stay tuned !
25 May 1996
AstroWeb now contains What's new pages.
20 May 1996
A new query mode searching simultaneously the three Star*s Family databases is now available in the AstroWeb page.
14 May 1996
A WAIS search is now available for the SIMBAD User's Guide.
13 May 1996
The new CDS logos have now been released.
6 May 1996
The Star*s Family search engines are now located on vizier, thus improving notably the performances (without visible impact on the URLs).
25 March 1996, 6 May 1996
Improved visibility of WAIS search for AstroWeb. The WAIS search in AstroWeb now includes the indexing of the contents of the referenced pages.
8 March 1996
Version 1.3 of the SIMBAD User's Guide.
5-6 March 1996
Addition of a Quick Index and of a local WAIS search for AstroWeb.
14 Feb. 1996
The scripts of the Star*s Family have been moved to vizier for solving a problem with Netscape 2.0.
A new Japanese CDS home page is available.
7 Feb. 1996
A complete new CDS home page, with reorganized menu and quick-index. Also access to new services:
The VizieR catalogue browser
The CDS bibliographical service
and to reorganized pages for the following services:
Astronomer's Bazaar

18 Jan. 1996
Link to the Dictionaries of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects and the service of catalogue acronyms.
9 Dec. 1995
A number of minor updates are incorporated (in preparation of major changes to come soon...).
6 Sept. 1995
New data for OP opacities.
31 August 1995
Mirror copy of the CFHT instrument manuals.
28 August 1995
New phone numbers from 8 Sept. 95
06 July 1995
The Astronomer's Bazaar now carries the useful links between individual electronic tables and the corresponding article abstract in the Abstract service (for A&A and PASP).
26 May 1995
The on-line proceedings of the WAW Conference (``Weaving the Astronomy Web''), held in Strasbourg, 6-7 April 1995, are now available.
17 March 1995
SIMBAD is free of charge for European users (revised version of this page).
24 February 1995
New anchors for the Star*s Family line of products. The old ones are also valid (it's just a redirection). Changes in the CDS part of the AstroWeb page. The query facility now searches both StarWorlds and StarHeads.
18 February 1995
The list of CDS staff has been updated.
14 February 1995
The on-line version of SIMBAD News 7 is now available, as well as SIMBAD News 1 to 3 which were still missing.
SIMBAD is free of charge for European users.
13 February 1995
An electronic registration form is now available for getting a SIMBAD account.
9 February 1995
The link to documents related to the Nomenclature of astronomical objects is now present in the CDS home page.
23 January 1995
The Abstract service now has the search window in the first page. Result pages in the Catalogue service and in the Abstract service now carry an explicit anchor back to the CDS service.
20 January 1995
XSimbad version 1.1 is now available (correction of a bug which prevented query by galactic coordinates). XSimbad is also available for more platforms: DEC/ultrix, DEC/alpha, SUN/OS 4.1.3, SUN/Solaris 2.4, HP-UX, IBM/AIX, SGI.
18 January 1995
The Astronomer's Bazaar has been slightly modified.
1 December 1994
The XSimbad interface is now available.
November 1994
The issue 45 of the CDS Information Bulletin is available on-line.
November 1994
Announcement of the Weaving the Astronomy Web Conference, to be held at Strasbourg, 6-7 April 1995.
October 1994
Have a look at the paper presented by Daniel Egret and André Heck at the Second International WWW Conference '94 Mosaic and the Web, entitled WWW in Astronomy and Related Space Sciences.
October 1994
The last issue of the CDS Information Bulletin, 45, July 1994, is now available on-line.
October 1994
There is now an Italian home page, thanks to the help of Andrea Preite-Martinez.

The CDS services on WWW

The CDS services on WWW are described in a paper by Egret and Ochsenbein in the CDS Information Bulletin 44 (January 1994).


ALADIN is the new project of Interactive Deep Sky Mapping Facility.

A short description of the project has been presented at the ADASS III Conference, in Victoria, B.C., Canada, October 1993.
A progress report was available at the SIMBAD booth, at the AAS meeting in Washington D.C.

X Window interface to SIMBAD

The new X Window interface to SIMBAD is coming soon !

A Graphical User Interface to SIMBAD is also available in the new release 4.0 of the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS).

Client/server routines for catalog queries

A set of client/server routines allows to send remote queries concerning the CDS collection of astronomical catalogues. This includes: These routines can be installed on your local Unix workstation.

Please use the following e-mail address if you want to leave a message:
E-mail: question@simbad.u-strasbg.fr