Space Telescope Live

Explore what NASA’s Hubble and Webb space telescopes are observing.

Created: March 12, 2024 - 16:00 CET
Updated: June 11, 2024 - 18:20 CEST
Reading time: 2 minutes

NASA's Space Telescope Live, powered by CDS Aladin Lite, provides an interactive way to explore the most accurate, up-to-date, publicly available information on current, past, and upcoming observations by NASA’s Hubble and Webb space telescopes.

Space Telescope Live

NASA announced in a recent news release the Space Telescope Live website, allowing to identify, locate, and zoom into a map showing the latest target. You can also slew over to the next target and back to the previous one, monitor the observing schedule, and click through the entire catalog of past Hubble and Webb observations.

Designed and developed by the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, NASA’s Space Telescope Live provides insider access to current and upcoming observation details: not just what each telescope is looking at, but where the targets are in the sky, how the data are being gathered, and what questions researchers hope to answer.

Aladin Lite

The zoomable sky map centered on the target’s location was developed using the Aladin Sky Atlas, with imagery from ground-based telescopes to provide context for the observation. (Because the Hubble and Webb data must go through preliminary processing, and in many cases preliminary analysis, before being released to the public and astronomy community, real-time imagery is not available in this tool for either telescope.)

Try it yourself :

If you want to embed sky images into your web pages, check out the Aladin Lite API.

See the full story on the NASA website.