Deep Near Infrared Survey
of the Southern Sky
DENIS view of galactic center

DENIS is a deep astronomical survey of the Southern Sky in two near-infrared bands (J at 1.25 µm and K at 2.16 µm) and one optical band (I at 0.8 µm) simultaneously, conducted by a European consortium, using a one meter telescope (ESO, La Silla). The survey started in 1996 and operations at La Silla have been completed on 9 Sept. 2001.

Third DENIS data release (355 million sources): VizieR access.
NewAccess to DENIS Images

The DENIS project
o Overview of the project
o The DENIS team
o Acknowledgements
o Observing strategy

Access to released data
New Third DENIS Release (sep 2005)
    o Access the 355 million point sources via VizieR
    o Image access
    o Contents of this third release: ReadMe file.

o DENIS I-band extragalactic catalogue (Paturel et al. 2003)
o DENIS Catalogue towards Magellanic Clouds (Cioni et al. 2000)

Previous data releases (note that these are superseded by the most recent one).
     Second DENIS Release (may 2003, 195 million sources)
    o Access the 195 million point sources via VizieR
    o Contents of this second release: ReadMe file.

     1st DENIS data release (17 million sources) :
    o Announcement,   o Documentation,   o ReadMe
    o VizieR point source catalogue access (recommended): Fr, US
    o Local resources:Information on strips quality   Point source catalogue

Scientific Results
o First scientific results
o Publications
o Thesis
o Status reports: Nov. 2000, May 1998

Public outreach
o The DENIS Gallery
o Sample Aladin image

Restricted access
o Private DENIS pages at CDS
o List of observed strips, zero-points vs. time (at IAP)
o FOURBI: DENIS image database (PDAC)

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