Sponsorship allows us to create a unique conference experience. First, it helps us to develop a conference environment conducive to meaningful discourse and lively interaction. Second, it provides us with the opportunity to invite unique speakers, at the vanguard of information science and astronomy. Most importantly, sponsorship allows us to invite economically disadvantaged librarians from different parts of the world who could otherwise not attend; from past LISA conferences, we know that all attendees benefit enormously from a diverse group of participants, which ultimately, make the conference much richer. As in the past, generous donations help us continue the tradition of LISA and its role in advancing astronomy librarianship for years to come.

On behalf of the Friends of Lisa (pdf), thank you to the following sponsors for helping to support LISA

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Do you wish to become a sponsor of the LISA VIII Conference?

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  • By bank transfer.
    Please, advise your company name and "LISA VIII" in the payment order (bank details on the invoice).
  • By cheque to "Régie recettes Cellule Congrès UNISTRA"
    Université de Strasbourg
    Cellule Congrès
    19, rue du Maréchal Lefèbvre
    67100 STRASBOURG
    TEL :
  • By purchase order to be send to the e-mail address below (before May 6th, 2017):
    mailto: m.oswald@unistra.fr